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         Name: Viola Kostina

  • International Yoga Alliance Certificate  CYT-200                                                                                                            (Rishikesh, India)
  • Certificate «correct alignment of the body and adjustment in asanas»                                                                                 (yoga school «Prana» course teachers Michael Galaev & Dmitryi Demin)                                                                                                       



Hello! My name is Viola and I’m a yoga teacher.


To be honest, yoga has saved my life. And now sharing this knowledge and love is my only possible way of living.


Nobody said that it's going to be easy. I don't really like when it's easy.


Interesting fact is that yoga teachers get injuries more often than the students. It's not about being a bad teacher or something, but just because of the passion. It’s like – hey, I can do this crazy asana! Wow! Now I need to straighten my leg in it. After that you usually can smell indian healing balm or painkillers. 


Everybody has bad days. Even yoga teachers. 


Everything disappears when I’m in front of my students. I close my eyes, concentrate on the practice with the group – after this the real yoga flow begins. 


At some point I realized that yoga is not just a hobby, but it has become more about being the lifestyle. I know that it’s a bit cheesy but even when I'm washing my dishes – I'm doing my yoga.


Past has already passed, future is only about to happen. The only thing that we have is NOW. We have to be conscious about it – that is what dzen buddhism about.


People often ask me – «What is that magical about your yoga?» I have a confession for all of them – there is no magic, but real effects and benefits.


There are some moments when you are about to burst with tears and just quit teaching, but then some small miracle always happen. That’s why I really love yoga.


Yoga is not about asana, but we can't do anything else without them. At least sitting with our back stranght for a while.  


You can start doing yoga at any age.  Have you seen my mum? She has started when she was 50. And take a look at Doiminique who is doing handstand at the age of 72 (yantrayoga.com). I think that’s a good reason to start.


Yoga is not for loosing weight or getting sexy abs. Imagine that your body works like old mechanical watches  and yoga is the oil that helps to make this mechanism work. Thanks to the correct practice our body get to the state of harmony and health. Yep, somebody even gains weight.


Deeeep inhale anf the same long eeeeexhale – that is my mantra. And OM, for sure.


Rolling your mat is the hardest thing about yoga.


At the age of 25 I realized that you can't buy health and happiness. Now I’m so happy that I got that «enlightenment» some years ago.


It’s all about the middle path. 


Breath is our everything. We come to this world with the first inhale and we leave it with the last exhalation.

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