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Yoga trip. What is that?

Yoga tour or yoga trip is the new fastly growing type of active and healthy vacation. If you are bored with lying on the beach, shopping in outlets and drinking wine somewhere in Europe, the time has come to try something new. For example, taking a real yoga adventure.



What you should know before going to yoga trip?

  • You can go alone, no compamy needed for the yoga trip. Group trip means that you can find interesting and same-minded people in your group.
  • Yog tour is an amazing mix of tourist travel with visiting all the intersting sightseeings and active yoga practise 2 times a day.
  • Yoga trip is a guarantee of a great healthy vacation that will help to have a real rest for body and soul
  • Yoga tour gives a lot of new impressions, it is an opportunity to imporve your yooga practise and meet new friends. 
  • If you agree to go on yoga trip you agree to follow special rules that are the same for all the group members.


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