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Violet Yoga. What is that?


Violet Yoga – yoga practice with instructor Viola Kostina. My classes are based on the complex approach – when we work with breath,body and mind. Classic Bihar school of Yoga is the base. In general Violet Yoga is classic apporach to hatha yoga but a bit modified and adapted to the needs of modern megapolis citizens.


Practice combines static asanas with vinyasas (dynamic combinations) and also special breathing techniques (pranayamas).


Violet Yoga Benefits


Balanced set of asans help to improve work of the whole body and bring harmony and peace to the mind. Benefits of regular practise:  

  • Strengthen the core
  • Improving the overall tone of the body, work of the immune system and stress-resistance
  • Improving the operation of the digestive system and accelerate metabolism
  • Improving the work of the cardiovascular system
  • Improving blood circulation and stimulation of blood vessels
  • Improving the operation of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Retardation of aging
  • Conscious relaxatio of the whole body 

Regular practise of Violet Yoga brings:

  • Strong health
  • Stamina
  • Sress-resistance
  • Creative mind
  • Increased capacity for work
  • Positive mind
  • Amaizing mood
  • Tonned, healthy & beautiful body

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